A decade of sweet success


Lauria Specialty Sweets began as a small operation devoted to creating the most delicious and unique baked goods for the Australian Market. Now 10-years on, our hands-on expertise, technology and un-wavering passion for what we do has established us an industry leader.

When the statistics tell you that more than 60% of small businesses cease operating within the first 3 years, we figure making it to 10 is worth celebrating. Lauria Specialty Sweets plans to embark on a host of celebrations to celebrate the milestone including new biscuit varieties, commemorative packaging and celebratory toasts with all of our supporters along the way.

We would like to thank our loyal suppliers, team members and customers who have supported us for many years. Your shared appreciation for perfection has propelled us to where we are today. 

We are a company that honours the past but invests into the future. We can't wait to see where the next decade take us.

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