Why we manufacture in Australia


Here at Lauria Specialty Sweets, we are proud to manufacture all of our products in Australia.

We support the trade skills of local bakers by producing our gourmet biscuits and sweets fresh on-site. We endeavour to use local suppliers and materials wherever we can.

Why we manufacture in Australia

Quality control

We care about the details. Because we manufacture locally, we know and can prove what is going into our products. We can 100% guarantee the premium quality of our products. With every claim we make, we can support it because our products made on-site. 

Local produce is fresh produce

Our products don't travel long distances, and therefore, are less likely to be contaminated or tampered with. When your food moves more quickly from field to fork, the freshness enhances the taste and retains its nutrients, giving you a more satisfying treat.

We are proud to support local families and the local economy

We develop, manufacture, and distribute all here in Australia. This enables us to employ Australians from all different backgrounds across various Australian states and territories.

Every dollar we spend is primarily spent in the local economy from electricity, to buying office supplies from local businesses. We always try to source feasible Australian options when purchasing thus continuing to stimulate small Australian businesses and support fellow business operators.

We provide and can guarantee a safe, healthy and happy (and fun) workplace

Due to our fantastic workplace legislation in Australia, every employee is safe and secure when working in our manufacturing facilities. They are provided with fantastic facilities and opportunities whilst keeping in line with basic human rights as a worker.

It has been well documented in recent times, when you buy from overseas manufacturers, we don't have control over the type of conditions that their employees are exposed to.

So why buy Australian made and owned?

If you are able to, why not now make the conscious effort to buy Australian Made. By doing so you are supporting our country in building skills and employment for your friends, neighbours and family.

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